Hypermax 7.3L Factory Turbo Intercooler
Hypermax Intercooler for 1994 Ford 7.3L diesel with ford turbocharger. The intercooler utilizes a specially engineered core to generate up to 30% more power and 5% better fuel economy with lower exhaust temperatures for increased performance.

Increase performance by lowering the charge air temperature and lowering the exhaust temperatures by 350 degrees
Automatic transmission equipped vehicles will need a Hypermax transmission oil filler and dipstick tube (shown below).
Applications: 1994 Ford 7.3L diesel with ford turbocharger.
Be sure to check your radiator width. Some of the aftermarket radiators are extra wide. If your radiator is wider than 30.75" then this kit will not work with your current set-up.
Applications: 1983-1987 Ford F-Series pickups with 6.9L diesel.
Do-it-yourself installation instructions included.
To schedule professional installation, please call Hypermax at (847) 428-5655, or visit one of our Certified Hypermax Installation Centers

Retail Price: $1,895.00

Our Price: $1,495.00

Status:In Stock
Size:Fits Under Stock Hood

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