Rocker Arm
Hypermax Ultimax Billet Rocker Arms

Hypermax Ultimax Billet Rocker Arms
A set of 16 billet rocker arms designed to withstand the punishment of high reving heart pounding Power Stroke Power. If you have a 7.3L Power Stroke and keep breaking stock or poorly designed aftermarket rocker arms, look no further. These are the hot ticket. Hypermax developed these rocker arms with their inline pump kit. They live and survive run after run.

These rocker arms require special pushrods available from Hypermax - cost $325

These rocker arms require the use of solid lifters. Hypermax can convert your lifters - cost $400

Retail Price: $3,620.00

Our Price: $2,600.00

Status:In Stock
Brand: Hypermax Inc.
Size:1995-2003 7.3L Power Stroke

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