Hypermax High Strength Connecting Rod
Hypermax Ultimax Super Strength Forged High Alloy Connecting Rods with high strength ARP bolts
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Hypermax Ultimax Super Strength Forged High Alloy Connecting Rods
A set of 8 forged connecting rods with the center to center controlled within .002. Stronger than billet connecting rods and the powdered metal production rods currently being used. Lighter than stock rods up to 40 grams (When compared to factory forged rods) Refined grain 4340 aircraft quality forgings which are vacuum heat treated for optimum tensile and yield strength. Cryogenically treated to improve grain structure and shot peened for improved fatique life then magnafluxed for integrity. ARP bolts. Supports 2000 BHP on diesel fuel only.
Here is the engine serial number break down for the forged and powdered connecting rods. Check your engine serial number on the valve cover build sticker or you need to look at the block where the oil cooler is bolted to it .
Start of production thru 1425746 are Forged Rods
1425747 thru 1440712 are Powdered Rods
1440713 thru 1498318 are Forged Rods
1498319 thru final production run are all powdered
Or you can break them then you know what you have-Ha Ha-Just kidding
The reason for the break in serial numbers is a "test" run to be sure there were not any issues with the powdered rods. Once the process was production tested the powered rod process was used until the end of production.

Retail Price: $3,620.00

Our Price: $3,250.00

Status:In Stock
Brand: Hypermax Inc.
Size:1995-2003 7.3L Power Stroke

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